Friday, February 3, 2012

Visualizing with The Important Book

If you have never read The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown, you are missing out on a real treat!

I have often used this book in the beginning of the year, with upper grades, as a getting to know you activity.

We've made a class book called Mrs. Collier's Important Class where the students create a page that tell the important thing about themselves.
This year, I used The Important Book to teach Visualization.

First, I hid the book inside a folder so the kiddos wouldn't get clues from the cover.

Then, I read a page:

The important book goes something like this:

The important thing about an apple is that it is round.
It grows on trees, and you eat it.
When you bite into it, it is white and juicy.

BUT, instead of saying, "Apple,"  I say, "this thing/object."

          The important thing about this thing is that it is round.
           It grows on trees, and you eat it.
           When you bite into it, it is white and juicy.

The kids have to visualize and then draw what they think the object could be. 

Apple and Spoon
Flower and Rain

The kids really enjoyed the riddles and drawing out the pictures!

How else do you teach visualization?

I'm Visualizing comments....:D

Here's my well loved copy!

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