Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Three Little Pigs Unit -Part 2

Here are some of the other Three Little Pig Activities that we did!

1.  We retold the story with finger prints on cards.  (This way, I got to hear each child's retelling abilities!)

2.  We analyzed the plot structure of the story!

Here's a close up of a couple of my favorite scenes!

Love this Shaggy Wolf!

Roar!  Into the pot of water!

Drooling wolf and wide eyed piggie!!

Fire Breath!

3.  Rhyming Pop-Up Books for the synonym, "hog."

How to make a Pop-Up Book tutorial coming soon!

Writing Prompts

1.  Draw a picture of what the story of The Three Little Pigs would be like underwater.  Write how it would change.

2.  What would you do if the wolf came to your house?

3.  What if the Big Bad Wolf was a Big Bad Owl?


I got this idea from another blogger, but I couldn't find it to reference.  Let me know if you recognize it so I can reference it!  Thanks!

1.  We learned about AREA by filling in the three pigs houses with straw (spaghetti), sticks (fettucini), and bricks (red beans)!

I know I took pictures of the brick houses too, but the photos have VANISHED!!

2.  We added a new game to our stations called PigzUp!

Players flip over cards until 2 players have the same number.  

Players then must stack that number of pigs before the opponent can!  

This is great for fine motor skills too!

Check out Part 1 of the Three Little Pigs Unit!

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