Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three Little Pigs Unit-Part 1

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Last week, my Kinders had a lot of fun with The Three Little Pigs!

Reading and Language Arts

1.  We read and watched different versions of the story and compared similarities and differences.  

Thanks to my teammate, Marsha, for sharing the links to online versions below!



This picture links to an online version that we read on our Promethean board.

This is an online version of the book from Kizclub.

This picture links to Speakaboos where my secret sweetheart, Anthony Bourdain, reads the book!
Speakaboos also has Judy Tenuta reading.  

Classic Three Little Pigs from 1933.

2.  We analyzed the different characters.  

The kiddos gave me words to describe the characters, and I wrote them on cards.  

The next day, I mixed them up and placed them next to the correct character.

3.  We followed pictorial directions to create a little pig of our own!

Check out those mismatched eyes!!

 I love how even though it was a following directions activity, their personalities come through!  

This is the template cut onto card stock.

Here are the directions.  

I used the Promethean board and showed one slide at a time.

Follow Pictorial Directions Pig

Hope you've enjoyed!  

Leave me a comment to let me know how you'd use/vary The Three Little Pigs activities.  

Or let me know what other cool skill I could do next time!!

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