Sunday, January 29, 2012

Visualization-Katalina Matalina

Who doesn't LOVE Katalina Matalina!  

Well...maybe a teammate of mine after I get the song stuck in her head all day!

We've had a lot of fun this week working on Visualization! 

 One of my favorite activities was listening to the song Katalina Matalina from Dr. Jean's CD Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs.

I stopped the song after every section describing Katalina Matalina, and we drew what she looked like!

Her head was shaped like a baseball bat!
And right on top sat a funny little hat!

She had 2 eyes in her head,
One was purple and the other one was red!

Her neck was as long as a 10 foot pole
and right in the middle was a big black bow!

She had two hairs in her head,
One was alive and the other one was dead.

But she had a heart, so I'm told,
that was made of the purest gold!

After we played the song and drew her picture, we used the print version of the book from Dr. Jean's site for our shared reading!

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