Saturday, August 4, 2012

Raki's Rad Resources: Educational Connect 4 Games

I think I love using board games in the classroom as much as Heidi Raki does!  This is a great idea for using Connect Four to add up numbers.  She even has a recording sheet to download!

Other ways you could use this game would be...

  1. Record the 4 numbers that won.  
    • Put them in order from greatest to least/least to greatest
    • Sort them by odd and even
  2. Upper grades-Record the 4 numbers that won.  
    • Write word form, expanded form, etc.
    • Multiply by 4
    • Write a story problem using the 4 numbers

Raki's Rad Resources: Educational Connect 4 Games: I LOVE to play board games at home, but I also enjoying using them in my classroom. In addition to encouraging cooperation, turn taking and ...

How else could we play this game?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Favorite Back to School Activity!

I'm linking up with Fun in First to share my favorite Back to School activity!

My favorite back to school activity has got to be The Blanket Name Game!  I wish I had a picture, but its super easy!! 

Every year this game has been a huge hit!  I've played it at every grade I have taught, from Kinder to Fourth.  It's super easy and a great way to help kids learn each other's names.

Divide the class into 2 sections.
Place an X or sitting spot on the floor on either side of a blanket
Have a helper hold the other side of the blanket up to block the groups from one another
Hold the blanket between the two groups
Each group randomly selects a friend to sit on the X
Count 1, 2, 3 and drop the blanket
ONLY the friends sitting on the X's may call out the opposite friend's name
You can take score, but I don't.
The kids just have so much fun with the anticipation and recognition!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New School Year Resolutions

Amanda at Teaching Maddeness is hosting a great Linky Party!  What are your New School Year Resolutions?

1.  When my kids are in my room, I am with my kids.  It's so easy sometimes to get sidetracked in those few moments when the kids are working quietly on something.  *few moments, indeed*  I always feel guilty when I slip over to my table to fill out paperwork for an upcoming meeting.  Even if they are quiet and working, my job is to be there with them and for them.  

2.  Have all my lessons planned and prepped by Friday.  This will leave my weekends stress-free and fabulous!  Plus I won't walk in on Monday and realize that I forgot straws or something essential for a lesson sitting on my kitchen table.

3.  Smile and Play more.  My mind works about a million miles an hour when I'm in the classroom.  I don't know about you but I'm constantly assessing kids academic and behaviors in my mind all day long.  This would be fine if I wasn't also trying to think of every possible thing I can do to work with them along the way.  Sometimes I need to just stop and smile and enjoy my kids.  I can't (and don't have to) fix everything right NOW!

WOW!  That was therapeutic!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Interactive Smart Board Blog Hop

I've been seeing LOTS and LOTS of amazing resources out there for Smart Boards.   I don't know about you, but I wonder how I made it through the day for the 10 years I taught without it!!

So, without further adieu, may I present my first ever Blog Hop!!

Choose the top three sites that your class uses and link them up!  I look forward to seeing the ones that you use most!

Here are mine:

1.  BBC Science clips and games

This site breaks down skills by age and has fun, interactive games to go along with science concepts.

PBS kids has got a lot.  All the different shows have educational games that are really well done.  I must say that Between the Lions "Chicken Stacker" is a pretty good one.  They have everything from Clifford to Dr. Seuss!

I know this is a fave of a lot of folks out there.  My kids LOVE  the rocket timer!  To get to the rocket timer, choose Classroom Timers, and then choose from the list found there.

First Day Jitters Blog Hop

Hello All!

I'm Hopping back into the new school year by linking up with some awesome Blog Hops!  This one's from Fierce in Fourth. What are MY first day jitters...

1.  I'm moving to a new school this year and that comes with all kinds of NEW!  New people, New routines, New kids, New commute, New EVERYTHING!  So I'm a bit nervous.

2.  Will I fit in?! I'm nervous about figuring out the ins and outs of a new team.  Will they like me and my style?  Or think I'm a totally obnoxious over-achiever?

3.  BUMP!  Finally, I'm worried that I'll get bumped.  Since I'm the newest at the campus, I'll can be bumped if the Kindergarten numbers are low.  That will send me out into the school district universe of ANYTHING THEY WANT TO DO WITH ME!  Soothing thoughts... Soothing thoughts...

Go check out what a lot of other teachers are jittery about!

Rockin' Resources Linky Party

Hello Y'all!  

I'm linking up with Kelley, from Teacher Idea Factory and Rachelle, from Life is Sweet...In Kindergarten. They are having linky parties to show off the top 5 resources we have that we cannot do without.

Colored Masking Tape

I use this stuff for everything!!  We mark off workstation areas, X's for waiting in line at my table, making shapes, and so much more!!

My Pandora App on my iPhone

I plug that baby into my SmartBoard and choose a station that fits our mood.  We're always playing background music.  I've got Nature sounds, Classical, and even Disney for when we feel like dancing around!  There are so many channel options for our every need!


You know it!  You love it!  Anything and everything you could possible want to find to enhance lessons you can find on Pinterest!

Popcycle Sticks and Clothespins

I use both of these for games and classroom management all year long!

Blank Label Stickers

My dad got a HUMONGOUS roll of these when a store was going out of business, and I honestly don't know what I'll do when I run out.  Buy some more, I guess.  I use them to label everything from book baskets to folders and everything in between!

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