Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Character Traits with Ruby and Joe

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We've been learning about Character Traits in Gator Country!

Here's my well-loved copy!

Two of my favorite books to teach Character Traits with are Don't Laugh, Joe! and Ruby the Copycat.  

Joe is a fun loving little opossum, but his mother worries when he just won't learn to play dead!
We talked about his traits and what his actions were to prove those traits.

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When Ruby moves to a new school, she thinks she has to be like others to fit in and make friends!

We discussed the different reasons that people "copycat" and had to decide on Ruby's motives.  Was she being annoying or just trying to fit in?

Our character traits lessons tied into our class management this week also.  We had been having a bit more teasing than normal.  I asked them to think about what kinds of things we would write about them, if we put their picture in the middle of the poster.  

We didn't actually do this, but the kids really took the idea of it to heart.

What would you like for people to say about you??

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