Saturday, January 28, 2012

Introducing Voice with Spoon!

I love Scholastic Book Orders.  I can get a lot of books for my classroom and kids at home for not a lot of money.  

Sometimes, when ordering, I'm not totally familiar with the books.  But if the price is right, I take a gamble.  

This last order, I chose a book called Spoon, and I hit the jackpot!  My son LOVES it, and it will be great to use when introducing voice.

It's all about a spoon who wishes he could be more like knife or fork, but he doesn't realize that fork and knife are also talking about the things people can do with spoon, but not themselves.

When I introduce voice with my class, I will have the kids draw out other things that knives, forks, and spoons do that the others cannot.

Another idea might be to use classroom supplies.  Why might scissors be jealous of glue?  Or crayons be jealous of pencils?

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