Saturday, January 28, 2012


A few weeks ago, I introduced the kids to Elmer.  

He's a fun loving, patchwork elephant living in a gray elephant's world.  He decides he wants to be more like the other elephants, so he paints himself gray.  Soon Elmer realizes that the other elephants love him to be himself!

We graphed our favorite colors of elephant.

We talked about Plot Structure.
We drew out the Main Character, Setting, Problem, and Solution.

We used the Elmer template for lots of different things this week:

Click on the link of Elmer to take you to Early ITC for more ideas.

1.  Follow Oral Directions and find Sight Words.

I filled in each section of Elmer with a  different sight word.  I then called out a sight word and told the class to color it a specific color.

     For example, "Color all the word, "it" red."

2.  Color words

We did this 2 ways.  
One way was to fill in each section with a number, and provide a key to match the number with a 
The other way was to fill in each section with the color word to read and match. 

3.  Painting Station

Copy onto card stock or construction paper and allow kids to paint as they want.

Click on the link of Elmer to take you to Early ITC for more ideas.

The blank Elmer template we used for...

1.  Graphing

I minimized the elephant to fit a lot onto one page.
The kids colored him their favorite color, graphed, and discussed the results.

2.  Elmer's Day Parade

The kids decorated the elephant and attached it to a headband for an Elmer's Day Parade, like at the 
end of the book.

I solemnly vow to take more pictures of the kids' work to share!



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