Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Paint Sample Cards

I've seen a lot of uses for paint sample cards out there, and I don't want to forget them.  So, I'm posting some of them here and on a page in my website.  If you know or think of more, let me know!  Also, please ask the manager for the discarded sample.

Here's one I found from The Amazing Mess:  A Magnetic Menu Planner
This one cuts apart the paint strips to create a moveable menu.  But I was thinking that you could do the same sort of thing with word and letter sorts!

 From the blog Serving Pink Lemonade, I found this word family game!

Here are directions for making a board game from Thrillingly Thrifty.

Brain in Trainin uses them to create sensory letters!


Other ideas include
  • Colors book/flashcards
  • Color scavenger hunt/nature walk


  1. Wow! Thanks for the great ideas! I am also a newbie Kindergarten teacher! I look forward to following your progress on your blog. I also just started a new blog to document my first year as a kinder teacher and am from Texas. Seems we have lots in common! LOL!

  2. Hi Kelly!
    Thanks for the comment. This blog world is new to me, but I'm loving it! It's refreshing to find so many people in the same boat as me. It makes me feel a little less nervous. We'll have to share all that we find and learn along the way!


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