Saturday, July 16, 2011

Letters In My Name Lapbook

I recently discovered lapbooks, and I am hooked!

 I saw a tri-fold section on a lapbook on Beach Monkeys blog that had her son matching the letters in his name.  I decided to take that section and make a little twist on it.   I like the idea of James matching the letters in his name, but I knew that sometimes the fonts of certain letters throw him off.

I printed his name in three different fonts and put stickers on the backs to keep them organized.  Then I used clear contact paper to 'laminate' the pieces.

I printed off little pockets from and put the same stickers on the pockets.

Now, I can have James practice his name with different fonts, play matching games or memory with the different font letters.

I have room to put more letters or an organizer under the pockets.

How would you extend this?

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