Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are starting our Texas activities this week!  Our school hosts a chili cook off and celebrates Go Texan Day on Friday!

This is a Shared Writing activity from Room 36.  These boots were made for....

Here is a great labeling idea, also from Room 36.  Draw a cowboy/cowgirl and label him.

Here's one that we labeled as a whole class.

Here are some examples that the cowpokes drew!

Everything's Bigger in Texas book to make with your class.

Room 36! and Chalk Talk

We made pepper patterns from the idea I got at Chalk Talk.

We also made a cowboy glyph using the key from Chalk Talk's Texas Unit!

We ate pecans and graphed whether we liked them or not.  Lots and lots of LIKES!

We were learning about area in math, so we covered the area of a Texas flag!

On Friday, all the we had Texas Rotations.  All the teachers in Kindergarten read a book or song and did an activity with each class.

The book I read was The Cowboy and the Black-Eyed Pea.

We compared the story to The Princess and the Pea.  Then we covered the area of saddle blankets with black eyed peas.  

Finally we had a black eyed pea relay!

Go Texan!

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