Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sponge Capsules~Discovery Station

Sponge Capsules!

Is is a bird?  It a plane? Or is it a SUPER DINOSAUR?! 

Sponge capsules spark so much interest and curiosity in kids.  This new addition to our Discovery Station has been a huge hit!  

I bought a variety of sponge capsules from Target's Dollar Spot, opened all the packages, and dumped them into one baggie.  Dinosaurs mixed with bugs, vehicles, and ocean creatures;  the kids just had no idea what they were getting!!

At our Discovery Station, the students follow the pictorial directions posted on the wall.

Fill container with water.

Choose capsule from Mystery bag and drop 'er in!

The kids drew each step in the process.  I encouraged reaching in to feel the capsule dissolving.

Our papers got a bit soggy, but that's all right!

At the end, they drew the final sponge image.  

Next time I might have the kids draw what they predict the sponge to be.  They will have to narrow down the options based on the types of sponges available.

Fun, Fun, Learning!!

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