Monday, August 1, 2011

Conduct Chart

I looked and looked for a conduct chart that would fit my needs exactly, and I found a lot that came close.  There were a lot of really cute ones out there, but I wanted mine to have STARS!  So, I went ahead and made it myself.  Here it is:
The levels are Super Star, Awesome, Great Job, Ready to Learn, Slow Down, Teacher's Choice, and Parent Contact.

Everyone will start out on Ready to Learn.  That is the green section which is a bit larger than the rest.  Then, everyone will move up or down throughout the day.

I've seen a few different ideas about what reward a student might get if they end the day on Super Star:
1.  A special sticker in their take home folder.
2.  A sticker on an incentive chart to earn a trip to the treasure box.
3.  A line on their wooden clip, and after 5 or 10 lines they get to trade for a new COLORED clip!

Moving below "Ready to Learn" a child first lands on "Slow Down" and then, "Teacher's Choice."  At this level I will conference with the child about his/her behavior and depending on the actions, decide on an appropriate consequence.  At the level of "Parent Contact," the child's parent will be contacted by note, email, or phone call to discuss the behaviors, and how we can guide him/her back onto the right path.

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  1. I have seen many posts on these also. They are similar to my system but I did not have a choice to go up, just down. I may have to adapt my system to this one. I like the addition of the stars! I may use these!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  2. Hi Tessa,
    I always used one in the past that just went one way too. When I started seeing these that go up and down, I fell in love! I wanted kids who are making good choices to get some attention as well. I had other things in place for them, but this is so visual!
    Thanks for the comment,


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