Monday, April 16, 2012

ABC Station

I introduced a new ABC station last week.  Most of my kids do have the letters and sounds down pat at this point, but I do have a couple that could use the review.

For those who have a solid grasp of their letters, I have them say the sound the letter makes, or come up with a word that begins or ends with the letter sound.

Here's how to make the game:
1.  Cut a sentence strip in half lengthwise.
2.  Place alphabet stickers along the length of it.
3.  Laminate.  (I used clear contact paper.)
4.  Program tongue depressors with 2 sets of the alphabet. (I used stickers.)
5.  Have 2-3 tongue depressors with a symbol (star, crown, etc.)

To play the game:

1.  Partners take turns pulling a stick, saying the letter, sound, or word, and placing it on their strip.

2.  If you pull a letter that you already have, you put it back in the cup and lose a turn.

3.  If you pull the star or crown, you put all you sticks back in the cup!

That's it!

The kids have really enjoyed playing this one!


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